Wednesday, December 23, 2015

...very MERRY XMAS & a cherry NEW YEAR!!!****

Dear Guests & Friends,
Vögelchen Team wishes you a wonderful Merry Xmas & a fabulous New Year!!! ***
see you soonish!
with loads of Loves!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

CONCERT - 25th of november - 9 p.m - ***Rosie Bans & Mike Nisbet***

Mike Nisbet

"One of the most exciting musicians to come out of Scotland in recent years" Scotland On Sunday
"A timeless quality to his songwriting, a voice that soothes and shatters hearts" The Pop Cop
"Unwittingly possesses a hypnotising aura that is impossible not to become entirely captivated by" Gigslutz
"Passionate, poetical and compelling" The Cultural Pick

Rosie Bans

Rosie Bans' music can be described on one hand as soft and melodic, with an inner centre of subtle complexity, and on the other, strong, emotionally driven and heart-achingly honest.

Drawing inspiration from the songwriting skills of Imogen Heap, Amanda Palmer and Tori Amos, Rosie has had an army of strong female figures guiding her throughout her teenage and young adult life. With performances pairing slick songs and slap your face banter, she has been marked out as a "proper entertainer”.

Telling the brutal truth, deceit, family arguments, and romantic differences are strong themes through Bans’ work, she pulls out what’s living just under the skin and drapes it over memorable choruses and rhythmic piano grooves for all to see.

A far cry from the usual female, piano-pop singer-songwriters that dominate the industry today, Rosie is bulldozing her way through the crowds, kicking and swearing and screaming to be heard.

Her latest release “Be Bold” is out on the 2nd of May as a free digital download nationwide.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

5.11.2o15 - Thursday 9 p.m. ///THE BERLIN RADIO CINEMA///

Do you like listening to podcasts?

The Sound Africa Podcast launch: Deep Dark Space

At the The Berlin Town Radio Cinema we are proud to launch the new creative non-fiction podcast Sound Africa.

Join us for a night of space exploration through sound. With original content from South Africa and classic space audio.

No entry fees!

starts from 9 p.m.