Thursday, June 26, 2014

Dinner Noir- The Green Edition 23. & 24.6.2014

Design Concept & Set Creation by Vögelchen Halil Erbek

Food Creation by Eatdiction
Pictures by Arno Arno
Lightinstallation & Exhibition by Yuti Feiler
Music Cameron Morgan and Laura Weider
Tarot Reading by Leonor Beuter

Thanks for beeing a part of it!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

This THURSDAY 19.6. - CONCERT! 21h

The Icelandic Halla Norðfjörð has played music around Europe for the last 5 years, bringing along an acoustic guitar, a captivating voice accompanied by melancholic but soothing melodies and intimate lyrics that have melted even the cold hearted.
Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Halla has primarily toured in Germany and Poland, where she has gained national recognition.
After a long wait, her debut album will be released in August by Icelandic label Smekkleysa.

Paula Tebbens is a Berlin-born songwriter who plays energetic acoustic songs with hook lines that stay in mind for a very long time. She is well-established on the Berlin and Copenhagen songwriter scenes and has played more than two hundred concerts. In September 2013 she played on Copenhagen Songwriters Festival and received there the ‘2013 Emerging Female Artist, Germany’ Award. The awards were created to recognize outstanding artistry and song craft and are issued annually by the festival. Influenced by Folk, Bluegrass and Western swing from an early age, Paula´s music is identified by a groovy base, on which traces of Rock, Pop, and Blues merge and turn into something powerful and breathtaking, that gives an insight into a world of many spoken words.
In spring 2014 she became audience favorite no. 2 at the Danish National Radio competition ‘Karrierekanonen’ and shortly after she released her debut EP ‘Walking Past Those Lines’ on Machinedrops Productions.