Monday, October 10, 2016


we proudly present the award winning movie which we took part in

****************************"LOST IN THE LIVING"********************************

directed by award winning artdirector Robert Manson

Oisín, a musician from Dublin, travels to Berlin with his band, buzzing with the potential for adventure. He leaves behind the weight of losing his mother and an anger towards his absent father.
Oisín meets Sabine, a pretty young Berliner, who shows him the secret places that belong to the people who live in the city; hot parks, uninhabited stations, and lakes in the countryside where the free body culture is still active. These pleasures are thrown into chaos when Sabine reveals that she has a boyfriend and the futility of Oisín's situation dawns on him. His band have left, he's lonely, homesick, homeless and broke. He embraces the darkness, tumbles through the void and out the other side.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

...very MERRY XMAS & a cherry NEW YEAR!!!****

Dear Guests & Friends,
Vögelchen Team wishes you a wonderful Merry Xmas & a fabulous New Year!!! ***
see you soonish!
with loads of Loves!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

5.11.2o15 - Thursday 9 p.m. ///THE BERLIN RADIO CINEMA///

Do you like listening to podcasts?

The Sound Africa Podcast launch: Deep Dark Space

At the The Berlin Town Radio Cinema we are proud to launch the new creative non-fiction podcast Sound Africa.

Join us for a night of space exploration through sound. With original content from South Africa and classic space audio.

No entry fees!

starts from 9 p.m.